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Special Guests

We’re working on an extensive lineup of special guests and activities at #GPVegas! We’re still putting all the information together, and we’ll add more to this page as we confirm more guests.

Professor Banner

We’ve invited The Professor (of Tolarian Community College fame) to be a featured guest at Grand Prix Las Vegas! The Professor will be participating in promotional events and panels, including a live episode of Dies To Removal, his much-loved video podcast with Wedge from the Mana Source!

Wedge Banner

Speaking of Wedge from the Mana Source, he’ll be here too! In addition to the Dies to Removal live episode, Wedge will be involved in other panels as well as bounty events and spellslinging.

Cassius Marsh Banner

We’ve also invited Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cassius Marsh to be a featured guest! Cassius will be involved in Spellslinging, a Bounty Event, and maybe even a panel or two.

MtA Banner

We’re also happy to have Magic the Amateuring hosts Meghan and Maria at GP Vegas! They’ll be recording a live episode of their podcast at 5 PM on Thursday in the Arena, and it’s going to be a blast.

Command Zone banner

Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai, the hosts of the Command Zone podcast, will also be at Grand Prix Las Vegas! They’ll be doing spellslinging and a bounty event, and they’ll be hosting a live episode of their podcast at 1 PM on Saturday in the Arena. Come check it out!

Windmill Slam Banner

We’re also proud to play host to the Windmillionaire Game Show, a mainstay of many of our European GP events. Check it out in the Arena at 7 PM on Thursday and Saturday!

Some of our special guests and pro players will be participating in Spellslinging from 12-4 PM on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. No decks are required – we’ll provide packs for Mini Masters!

Wednesday 12pm-2pmWednesday 2pm-4pmThursday 12pm-2pmThursday 2pm-4pmFriday 12pm-2pmFriday 2pm-4pm
Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:
Ben StarkBen StarkDavid OchoaDavid OchoaAdam StyborskiCassius Marsh
Cedric PhillipsCedric PhillipsFrank KarstenFrank KarstenCary Thomas BarkettShahar Shenhar
Frank KarstenDavid WilliamsJosh McClainJosh McClainJimmy Wong
Martin JuzaFrank KarstenKenji EgashiraJosh Lee Kwai
Martin JuzaWedgeWedge
Reid Duke
Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:
Marisa FulmerMarisa FulmerBryan HawleyBryan HawleyMelissa DeToraMelissa DeTora
Alli MedwinAlli MedwinEthan FleischerEthan FleischerMarisa FulmerMarisa Fulmer

We also have plenty of guests and pros playing in the Bounty Events on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5 PM. These are 3-round Amonkhet Sealed events with a twist – if you get paired against one of these Bounty players and you win your match, you’ll receive additional prizes! Here’s the roster:

Wednesday 5 PMThursday 5 PMFriday 5 PM
Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:Pro Players & Content Creators:
Ben StarkFrank KarstenAdam Styborski
Cedric PhillipsGaby SpartzCassius Marsh
David WilliamsJosh McClainJeremy Noell
Eric FroehlichKenji EgashiraJimmy Wong
Frank KarstenLuis Scott-VargasJosh Lee Kwai
Joel LarssonNeal OliverThe Professor
Martin JuzaShahar ShenharWedge
Neal Oliver
Reid Duke
The Professor
Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:Wizards R&D Members:
Alli MedwinPete IngramMelissa DeTora
Bryan HawleyMatt TabakDan Burdick

Additionally, members of LoadingReadyRun will be participating in some of our Chaos Sealed events as Bounty players, while members of R&D will form a Bounty team in two of our 2HG Sealed Deck events! Here’s the schedule for that:

Thursday Chaos Sealed @ 11:30 AMFriday 2HG Sealed @ 4 PM Saturday Chaos Sealed @ 11:30 AMSunday 2HG Sealed @ 4 PM
Alex SteacyEthan FleischerAlex SteacyDan Burdick
Adam SavidanBryan HawleyAdam SavidanPete Ingram
Graham Stark
James Turner