Circa Sports is giving gamblers a heck of a challenge this NFL season

Circa Sports, the sportsbook inside Circa Las Vegas, announced its football contests for the year, and while there are many factors at play, the prize pool is incredible. These contests tout the most guaranteed money in history! $10 million will be on the line this season.  Before you start counting your winnings, you should know that the contests are pretty complicated and will have even the most experienced gambler thinking for some time.

 For example, the Circa Millions III will cost a whopping  $1,000 to enter and requires the gambler to pick five games against the spread each week. Wins will result in one point, while a push will result in a half of a point.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the 18-week season will win. That lucky human being will receive a hefty, million-dollar payday. There are also quarterly prizes, weekly prizes, and season prizes for those interested in experiencing this otherworldly challenge.

If you aren't reading this from Las Vegas, you can still participate in the process as long as you sign up with a proxy that lives in the Las Vegas area. All you have to do is sign a document and get it over to Circa Sports to join in on the fun. You're allowed up to three proxies to submit picks on your behalf. According to the contest rules, "All entrants and proxies must be at least 21 years of age to participate."

And then there is Circa Survivor, which is a game that asks you to pick a winning team each week for a chance at winning 6 million dollars in guaranteed money. The last person standing at the end of the 18 weeks will win that lump sum of money in a payout that is truly out of this world. Furthermore, if someone manages to end undefeated, they'll receive a million-dollar bonus. This contest requires $1,000 to enter, and you are allowed six picks a week. Better ready for the long haul, though, as this one will likely take a lot out of you.

In the end, sportsbooks are always creating newfangled ways to get people in through the door, and this is no different. Is there a football fan dedicated enough to outlast everyone else and pick a winner every week? What about five picks every week?

Find out at Circa Sports Las Vegas!

Registration for both contests ends at 2 pm on Saturday during NFL Week 1.

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