The Bronx Wanderers' Breakout Star Raises the Steaks at Sin City's Highest-Ranked Restaurant

"Bigger and better! ". "New and improved!". How frequently do we hear those promises in the world of marketing? Here in Las Vegas, favorite destinations are constantly being upgraded, revamped, modernized, or sometimes even replaced. More established entities wisely tend to make tweaks with a subtle air of confidence. Such is the case with The Bronx WanderersEDGE Steakhouse, and Westgate Las Vegas...three successful names that embrace their past success while keeping things fresh and worthy of a revisit.

Last month, The Bronx Wanderers joined the entertainment line-up at Westgate with a reimagined production. Since then, musical director/breakout star Vin A. has been aching to dig his pearly whites into a hearty steak at EDGE. It's really tough to avoid the buzz of this landmark restaurant. It does, after all, consistently achieve the top spot on numerous ranking sources such as TripAdvisorYelp, and OpenTable

Vin A. (Bronx Wanderers) and EDGE mixologist Mike Thompson

Vin A. (Bronx Wanderers) and EDGE mixologist Mike Thompson

EDGE Steakhouse Las Vegas takes its cues from the original location at Westgate Park City Resort in Utah. Then it peppers in vintage class with a touch of contemporary Sin City flair. This approach is personified by Head Mixologist Mike Thompson. You may have seen Thompson on television and in marquee advertisements for EDGE, where his dapper countenance and unmistakable style are front and center. You can learn more about Mike by visiting here.

When VEGAS 411 approached Westgate about doing this feature, they suggested introducing their new headliner to EDGE's star bartender, allowing Mike to host Vinny in his lush (and soon to be expanded) bar/lounge. It's a perfect location to experience the tastes and vibe of four-star dining while offering opportunities for a bit of outlandishness.  What followed was exactly that - sophistication, hijinks, great entrees, and a side of the unexpected. 

It was obvious from the moment that Vinny first sipped his Vesper martini that he and Thompson would become fast friends. Formalities quickly gave way to frivolity, and before long the two former New Yorkers were trading stories. Both have traveled extensively abroad, and they found themselves comparing experiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But soon it was time to peruse the menu and get down to the real business at hand....eating. 

Normally this writer will suggest that companions order appetizers and entrees that differ from mine, in order to share a broad range of tastes with our readers. This evening was different, though, as it was more about fun than analysis. So we started off with two servings of Spicy Shrimp ($18). Lightly fried and topped with spicy emulsion and a sweet chili reduction, this dish is an absolute must.

Vinny and Executive Sous Chef Dustin Sinclair

Vinny and Executive Sous Chef Dustin Sinclair

Executive Sous Chef Dustin Sinclair continues and builds upon a legacy forged by original Executive Chef Steve Young. Sinclair boasts an impressive resume that includes Downtown's Triple George Grill, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and Westgate's own Fresco Italiano. He and his top-notch team create a meticulous and delectable dining experience unmatched in the city. 

Vinny and I each ordered a 7-ounce Filet Mignon ($54). For sides, I selected Grilled Asparagus ($13) with bearnaise sauce and charred lemon.  My multi-talented companion opted for Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms ($12) filled with Boursin cheese and sweet peppers, drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar. We also split a huge Loaded Potato ($13), salt-baked with Neuske bacon, white cheddar, sour cream, and chives.

Of course, there is a full selection of starters, salads, soups, meats, seafood, sides, and sweets to choose from. EDGE Steakhouse also offers multi-course prix fixe Chef Selections, with or without wine pairing. You can browse the full menu by visiting here

Bronx Wanderers star takes the cart.

Just one bite into his filet, and Vinny was in a state of panic. "Oh, my God! I'm going to go broke. It's dangerous to be working so close to this place...I'll want to eat here every night!". His reaction was echoed by a nearby guest, who makes a point of visiting EDGE whenever he arrives in the city. The steakhouse has become a mainstay on countless to-do lists for Vegas tourists, and locals have adopted it as their second dining room. 

Mixologist Mike has a knack for remembering guests, their background, and their favorite food and drinks. Whenever I come in, he somehow knows exactly what I'm in the mood for, and crafts a cocktail perfectly suited for the occasion. The staff at EDGE Steakhouse is always attentive without being overbearing, assuring that everything is perfect while allowing you to savor the intimacy of your evening.

EDGE General Manager Richard Douglas joined us briefly to check on our satisfaction and welcome Bronx Wanderers to the Westgate family. Mr. Douglas recently joined the resort's Food and Beverage team as GM after seventeen years in other fine dining establishments. His extensive knowledge of wine and spirits (Level 2, Court of Master Sommeliers) has already added immensely to the restaurant's appeal. Says Gordon Prouty, Westgate's VP of Public and Community Relations, Richard "is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met when talking wine and spirits…he is really making a difference and elevating the dining experience!"

GM Richard Douglas (center) and team members at EDGE Steakhouse

GM Richard Douglas (center) and team members at EDGE Steakhouse

Although we were both satisfyingly stuffed by our perfect dinner, Thompson insisted that we stick around for dessert. It turns out that the EDGE team had created a special treat for Vinny to welcome him to the resort. A luscious cheesecake drizzled in chocolate and garnished with berries, the delectable sweet even came decorated with the initials of his namesake band,

As Vegas resorts grow in size and scope, Westgate Las Vegas continues to set the standard for personalized atmosphere and service. It's this writer's favorite overall Vegas resort, with EDGE Steakhouse being my favorite dining spot in the city. Now the award-winning restaurant can add a world-renowned rock star to its fan base.

EDGE STEAKHOUSE is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Click here to make reservations or call 702.732.5277.

The Bronx Wanderers performs Monday through Thursday at 8 pm with weekend performances at 5:30 pm. Click here for the show schedule and to order tickets. 

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