Noah Bradley

The following blurb is from Noah Bradley’s website,, where you can view more of Noah’s work!

“I’m a creator. I founded Art Camp to help art students all over the world learn to make better art. I’m making up worlds in The Sin of Man.

I like to write. I’m the guy who told everyone “don’t go to art school.” I also shared the 12 year journey of how I became an artist. I put together a list of the 10 books every artist must read. So if you like ranty art stuff, head on over to my blog for more of that.

I travel a lot and constantly shoot photos, so I’ve got free photo reference packs from all over the world that you can use on all of your projects, either personal or professional.

I sell museum quality, archival giclée prints of my art, rubber-backed, premium playmats (basically giant mousepads) for gamers, and now I’ve got insanely-large canvas prints of my work. Every bit of support helps me make the art I love to make. <3"

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