Las Vegas is known for its whole slew of entertainment options – bars, strip clubs, and opulent restaurants are all found in this incredible, world-renowned spot.

But if you’re sick of the endless dancing and blaring music, then here are five great cigar bars perfect for a chill, laid-back evening.

1. Rhumbar


For those looking for an unorthodox cigar bar experience, then this Caribbean-themed spot at The Mirage would be your best bet. It combines the cigar-making culture of the Caribbean with the exotic and mouth-watering flavors of South Seas cocktails. To add to that, they carry everything that this side of the world boasts of, such as Cohiba from the Dominican Republic and the Ashton La Aroma from Cuba. However, many customers love Rhumbar for their exciting menu, which offers a wide selection of rum and cigar pairings; the Davidoff Special Series R Robusto with an El Dorado 15-year-old rum – a spicy tobacco flavor enhanced by the drink’s sweet and syrupy notes – comes highly recommended.

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