Some Sin City hotels are so sprawling and poorly designed that you'll be exhausted before finding your room.

The Linq

The Linq

The Linq Hotel takes Rio's multi-tower footprint dilemma and amplifies it to the Nth degree. Previously known as The Quad, Imperial Palace, and Flamingo Capri before that, this Swastika-shaped nightmare once topped out at 2,637 rooms until the "Capri" section was leveled. That brought it down to 2,250 guest rooms spread out over so many towers that it's doubtful anyone knows the exact count (just kidding).

The Linq's always-flooding parking structure is just as convoluted as the hotel itself. Comprised of two sections that do but don't exactly connect (it has to be seen to be believed), it's possible for you to see your car from where you're standing yet still be unable to reach it. If that happens, you'll need to take an elevator to the ground floor, then try again by rising in a different elevator. 

The same holds true of the hotel corridors....depending on what part of this ugly-ass resort you're assigned to, you may have to walk through the casino to the shopping promenade, then take an escalator to an elevator that takes you to another set of escalators to arrive at your final elevators. This time I'm really not kidding. 

Since The Linq's parking garage is in the far rear of the building and the reservation desk is at the far front, you have to figure out how to get inside, walk through the entire property, stand in an always-lengthy line to receive your keys, then follow a map to your assigned "zone". The desk agent will trace your path through Hotel Hell with a Sharpie. Follow the path very carefully...otherwise, you might not be found for days. Avoid this chaotic mess at all costs. 

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